The Most Fun I've Had - Ever
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Very cool!


Never was a video so dependent on (lack of) sound. Watching people dance to the sounds of Liverpool Street Station is one of the greatest things I have ever seen/heard. Being there live must have just totally rocked.


Michael - what a curious event!

It's also curious that you can get 2000 people along for something like that, which while fun serves little or no real purpose, whereas we had 600 max for the March for Free Expression in Trafalgar Square.

Quite decadent when you think about it...

Anyway, Peter Risdon who organised the MfFE will be hosting an informal get-together in London next Saturday 18 November 2006, during which he will be describing his latest exciting venture over a few beers.

If you're interested in attending (please, bring your friends!) contact me at the email address that I've given or via the CaFE Forum (I'm 'Percy'):

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