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A fan from Austin, TX


Loved your first book- read it while on vacation in San Diego. Thanks for the download, and for using PayPal! As a PayPalian, it warms my heart. Stop by sometime and we will treat you to some good Austin vibes and java and all the Tex Mex and BBQ food you can eat.

Snitchyphus Rex

Hey Bossman--

This brings back some ridiculous medNET memories. Thanks for the hippocampal exercise. It's the only means of time travel we've got. WTF?! It's been a decade. Happy 10th anniversary, give or take a rounding error.

Once a web-monkey, always a web-monkey.

Snitchyphus Rex

Addendum to my previous comment: If you are either the author or a downloader of these stories, you must try and see the movie He Was A Quiet Man. Just released, I happened to catch it on a flight(!) immediately after reading these stories and it was as if a savant-like multimedia sommelier had planned the pairing.

I won't ruin it but for the first 80% of this movie Frank Cappello (director) and our Michael Fuchs if not brothers-in-arms are at least kissing cousins when it comes to overall tone, characters, themes...

I don't think this is the inflight booze talking--Bossman, you could've been the ghost-writer. Hope you're lucky enough to see it. Would love to hear what you think if you do.

Hookers and monkeys.

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