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2007.07.13 : Climbing the Walls

Today I stumbled upon the brand new They Might Be Giants album, The Else, on eMusic. I pretty instantly decided TMBG are well back on form. The track "The Mesopotanians", for instance, is about as catchy – and, moreover, clever and weird and witty – as anything they've done.

"Driving our Econoline van
And no one's ever heard of our band
We're the MESO-PO-TA-MI-ANS…
Sargon, Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, and Gilgamesh…"

But. Then. Oh my. Speaking of catchy.

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Whatever you do, DON'T listen to "Climbing the Walls". (Whoops, too late.) I'm on my twelfth straight listen to it now. In a row. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be listening to this song over and over for the rest of my life. The rest of my life. In any moments when I can't actually be listening to it, it will be playing in my head. Forever. And ever.

And as a special bonus, it's f'ing sad as hell.

No one should write a song that sad and catchy. It's cruel. It's not right.

I was grinding my teeth, I was wasting my youth
And using up my teeth
Now I'm done chewing my nails
Hanging my head, chasing my tail
It got so bad I quit my job
Then I got a new job climbing the walls

The deep end, the deep end
People talk a lot, but they don't know
They pretend, they pretend
They don't really know how deep it goes

I got tired of pacing the floor
Sick of it all, I'm done with the floor
Walked away ever since I got a new job climbing the walls

Or perhaps it's a bit close to home.

Reprinted, and replayed, with no permission whatsoever. Please don't sue me, Johns – I'm strongly exhorting anyone who reads this to buy the album; and even providing these direct links to places to buy it:

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