This page describes a career I was very lucky to have had on and off (mostly on) for 18 years. During almost all of that time, I was also struggling to make it as a jobbing fiction writer. Since 2012, I've been really lucky and pulled that off (touch wood), so I'm highly pleased that my "work page" is now an historical artifact. But to everyone I worked with or for in the web world: Thanks! I wouldn't trade the memories.
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web consulting & development

I've been doing web development since the web took off in 1994. I've served as webmaster for the company that launched the world's first Internet bank, built and managed the web team for Stanford University Medical Center, and worked in Silicon Valley and Europe for Internet startup Netfish Technologies (ultimately acquired by a bigger fish, IONA Technologies, for $270M in stock).

Since 2001, I have worked independently – doing consulting and development on web site and web application projects in Silicon Valley and London. My list of clients starts as small as a one-person HR consultancy – and goes as big as the world's largest investment banking group. I've done significant work in the City of London (the financial sector); for Directgov (the UK's central government web site); and for the Met's SO15 Counter Terrorism command.

Kind of amazingly, I still enjoy it. Perhaps because, even now, it still changes every five seconds. (Though this page, funnily enough, has not changed materially in 15+ years...)

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