michael fuchs - web consulting & development

professional background

Since October of 2001, I have exclusively done independent consulting and contract work. My clients have included ExecutiveWorld (the premier network of Silicon Valley executives), Mizuho International (the international arm of the world's largest banking group), and the UK Civil Service. Please see my projects page for a more thorough listing. I am currently working out of London.

My most recent permanent position was with Netfish Technologies, a Silicon Valley, venture-financed, early-stage vendor of e-business (B2B) infrastructure software and services. (Subsequently acquired by Irish software company IONA Technologies for $270M in stock.) I was initially hired as webmaster, as employee #60 or so (there were roughly 300 by the time we were bought). Once I got the web house in order (new server infrastructure, a rebuilt public site and intranet, etc.), I hired a replacement for myself and moved on to become Program Manager for Wireless. In this role, I developed wireless demos and prototypes, crafted a wireless strategy, architected wireless functionality for our core product, worked on promotion and marketing (including a European media tour and product launch), and served as local expert on WAP, Palm.net, I-mode and related technologies. Finally, I also worked for some time in the Global Services group – most of it after the acquisition, when I was sent to Germany for three months to provide consulting, presales support, and (mainly) in-depth technical training to IONA's Central European operations on the Netfish B2B product.

Prior to joining Netfish in January 2000, I spent three years managing the web development team at Stanford University Medical Center. In this capacity, I supervised ~10 direct reports – web developers, sysadmins, graphic/multimedia artists – in supporting web development activities for the Medical Center. Our group ran 20+ web, application, streaming media, database, search engine, and other Internet servers under Unix, NT, and MacOS; provided consulting, training, and technical expertise to many hundreds of clients and users; and developed and managed hundreds of web sites for a 12,000-person organization – including more than 50,000 individual pages, served up as 1.2 million page views per month to over 100 countries.

Prior to that, I served as webmaster for the Network Security division (formerly SecureWare, Inc.) of Security First Technologies in Atlanta. This was the family of companies that launched Security First Network Bank, the world's first Internet bank, in October of 1995.

Before that, I worked as coordinator for Internet services for the Virginia Institute of Government, where I headed up development of web sites and infrastructure – as well as teaching, speaking, writing, and consulting about the Internet for Virginia's state and local governments.

In my various roles, I have spoken or presented papers at over two dozen conferences, including the Computer Security Institute Conference, WWW6, WebNet, and EdMedia. I (briefly) wrote a regular column on computer/Net topics for Virginia Review magazine. And I've done extensive classroom training for new Internet users, web developers, and B2B implementors.

I hold undergraduate degrees in philosophy and economics from the University of Virginia and have done coursework in the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration and the Stanford University Computer Science Department.

My CV is available.