The Duomo, Florence

The Colliseum, Rome
Fuchs Cradles of Western Civilization Dispatch

On March 28, 2001, Michael and Erin Fuchs, Matt Grabowy, and Mark "Pestilence" Pitely trekked off to explore the birthplaces of the Renaissance in Arts and Sciences . . . of Western Philosophy . . . of Democratic Government . . . and of Global Trade.

   Week 1: Michael met Erin in Vienna, then kicked around there & Budapest.
   Week 2: Michael & Erin hit Italy: Florence, Siena—then Rome, meeting Matt & Mark.
   Week 3: Michael, Matt, & Mark continued to Athens & the Greek Islands.
   Week 4: Michael & Matt crossed the Agean Sea to Istanbul.


The Parthenon, Athens

The Hagia Sophia, Istanbul