Fuchs Cradles of Western Civilization Dispatch

Pre-Trip Maunderings

Jan. 18: Oh, Lord, When's Gonna Be Our Time?

Jan. 23: Just Who's Going On This Trip?

Jan. 26: Survival and Crow-Eating

Jan. 30: Vegetarianism With A Vengeance

Feb. 1: Self-Righteousness—the Unforgiveable Sin

Feb. 6: God Smites Fuchs

Mar. 4: Girlie Toiletries, Packing Light (and Haphazard), & Dot-com Refugees

Mar. 10: Shameless Plugs, Michelangelo, Gay Nude Beaches, and Fuchs Getting Buff

Mar. 20: Wanderlust, Campaign Finance Reform , & Workplace Wiseacres

Mar. 26: "Dude, We Are So Out of Here."

Central Europe

Mar. 31: Vienna: City of Perpetual Pastries.

Apr. 2: Buda and Pest: A Tale of Two Cities

Apr. 4: Budapest 2: Electric Boogaloo


Apr. 7: FlorenceLand

Apr. 9: Siena: "Vado a bar!"

Apr. 11: The Light, the Light, the Fading of the (Sienese) Light

Apr. 14: Roma: The Gathering

Apr. 17: Vatican City: The Third Time's the Charm / Three Hominids Talking


Apr. 19: Breezy Brindisi / Slackas in Plaka

Apr. 21: Santorini: The Glorious Ends of the Earth

Apr. 24: Santorini: The Great Escape!


Apr. 27: Turkiye: Where The Buses Run On Time