From Cape Town to Kenya

On October 28, 2002 (my 32nd birthday) I took off to go and see that portion of the sublunary realm that had been calling to me most keenly—Africa. I spent nearly two months taking a 10,000 kilometer overland trip through southern and eastern Africa—virtually all of it in the company of my lifelong friend and boon traveling companion Mark Pitely. The two of us—sharing a truck with a wacky band of intrepid overland explorers from all corners of the globe—traveled through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Across those eight countries, we saw a lifetime's worth of heart-thrummingly lovely natural beauty, wildlife, and more of what only the dark continent can offer. We looked down on the Cape of Good Hope from the top of majestic Table Mountain; climbed towering sand dunes at dawn in the Namibian Desert; camped in the open with a half dozen types of animals that would as soon eat you as look at you in the Okavango Delta; slept on the white sand beaches of the inland sea known as Lake Malawi; got nose-to-nose with big cats and thundering herds in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater; padded through the mystical stone streets of Zanzibar; and floated down the mighty Zambezi River, on which we shared an uneasy detente with the hippos and crocs.

I also did the best photography of my life—and scribbled a few words that I might like to think are grabby. If you'd just like to browse the pictures, verily be my guest. To follow along from the ground, jump right in from the beginning—or pick and choose from the sequence of dispatches below. Cheers!

10.28 : Jungle Boogie
10.30 : Amsterdam Redux
10.31 : High Above the Rainbow City
11.01 : 1997.11.01
11.02 : "We're Out of Here!"
11.04 : Put the "Adventure" in Nomad Adventure Tours
11.07 : Flaps Down
11.08 : The Namib
11.12 : Spitzkoppe: My Idea of Fun
11.14 : Etosha
11.16 : The African Queen
11.19 : Okavango Delta I
11.20 : Okavango Delta ][
11.21 : Chobe
11.24 : Fulcrum City
11.26 : The "Mighty" Zambezi
11.28 : Hippos On My D, 1 2 3
12.03 : The Sea
12.06 : Led Toward Heaven; Driven Through Hell
12.10 : Meet the Zanzibarans
12.12 : Get Jiggy With The Zanzibarans
12.13 : Intermissionary Position
12.15 : The Endless Plain
12.16 : Serengeti Morning
12.17 : The Lost Kingdom
12.18 : Snows on Kilimanjaro
12.20 : "Home, Snively-"

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