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On Friday August 7, 1998, siblings Sara and Michael Fuchs departed for two-plus weeks of hacking through the jungles of Mexico and Central America. Our route took us down the Gulf/Carribean coast; overland across Belize, through San Ignacio and the western rainforesty region known as The Cayo; into Guatemala to Tikal (the greatest Mayan ruins in Guatemala, possibly the world) and Antigua; and back north through Tehuacan and other Mexican cities in a mad sprint for the border.

Overcoming armed insurgents, rabid howler monkeys, dengue fever, and connectivity calamaties (well, the last item, at any rate), we transmitted regular accounts of our adventures, in text and images, in this space. Friends and family with time on their hands subscribed to a mailing list and were advised of new updates (as well as of our continued survival). If you've got time on your hands as well, you can read about our full stock of jungle survival gear; gape at the overambitious and never formally completed itinerary; read the full tale (richly photo-illustrated) in the journals section; or just browse through the jumble of 160 photos totally out of context. Cheers–Sara & Michael

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