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2005.02.24 : The Caper Expands (Into A Lark)
"A friend in need's a friend indeeed
 A friend with weed is better
 A friend with breasts and all the rest
 A friend who's dressed in leather"
                - Placebo, Pure Morning

From: darby
To: michael stephen fuchs
Subject: beware of any venture which requires new shoes. 
Date: 2005-02-22 


presuming that mark also assents, and presuming that the
two of you are not afraid for your virtue, traveling with
a Member Of The Opposite Sex -

i'm in.


From "Pitely, Mark"
To 'michael stephen fuchs'
Subject RE: Interloper 
Date 2005-02-23 


I'm fine with any guests. We may have to simply bring
two tents. 


From michael stephen fuchs
To "Pitely, Mark", darby
Subject No subject 
Date 2005-02-24 

Mark George Pitely - may I present Darby Suzan Kimball.

Mark, Darby is going to go out and see if she can
procure a teensy little one-person tent for her use
on the Ramble. This will conduce to her carrying it
without difficulty - and to neither of us (or both of
us, if our timing were bad) being able to sneak into it.


From darby
To michael stephen fuchs
Cc pitely
Subject that walk thing 
Date 2005-02-24 

> Mark George Pitely - may I present Darby Suzan Kimball.
niceta meetcha.

before i dive straight into logistics & planning, a question:
what exactly are we calling this adventure, anyway? michael's
dubbed it (variously) The Caper, which makes me protest that
i have not got a jester hat, and The Ramble, which is all
well and good but makes my mother worry that i might not come
home. on the other hand, i suppose these sorts of questions
only matter to bloggers.

michael said:
>  - and to neither of us (or both of us, if
> our timing were bad) being able to sneak into it.

i was going to get one with bear bars, but it was too heavy. 


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