Day 5 - Dicing With Death
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allan walker

Just wanted to let you know that I'm reading your C2C trip report and think it's the best I've ever read. Very entertaining. I'm doing the walk this June with my wife and 2 friends, so I'm also finding it very informative. Thanks for everything, and I'll definitely look up some of your fiction.



Thanks very much for the very nice comments. Delighted to think the material will be useful to you, or any other C2Cers. Let me know if you have any questions - and good luck in the run-up. (Don't know if I mentioned it the dispatches, but I found training - in the form of lots of walking around London in my hikers, leg work at the gym, climbing stairs with a pack, etc., - very helpful; probably not necessary, but helpful to the enjoyment of the walk.)


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