Day 8 - Going the Extra Miles
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Xanth novels eh?

Crewel Lye
Demons Don't Dream
Isle of View
Heaven Cent
Golems in the Gear
Centaur Isle
A Spell for Cameleon
Color of her Panties
Castle Roogna
The Dastard
harpy Time
man from Mundania

Hmmm, harder than I thought. And I can't remember most of the originals. Even though, as a young lass, I owned (and are still at my folks house) about 15 -20 hardback editions. Now that I work for the library, I just check them out. And trust me, the puns have gotten much much worse. His author's notes are still fun to read, although the majority of it now is filled with thanks for reader submitted puns. I don't think he even comes up with his own anymore.

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