RIP Percy
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Danielle gave him a wonderful life. God bless her.


Let me try again. Michael, your percy poem made me cry twice: once on your text messaging and once on your website. Danielle did give him a wonderful life and our family will miss Percy.


Hey, thanks for posting this. The poem made me cry as well. If only we could make people understand the absurdity of our mother, in pajamas, trying to lure the dog inside with the promise of a meaty treat. It started as an innocent reward and finally ended up as a required bribe, Picture Gin chanting on the doorstep, CHANTING, I'm not kidding, "Piece of ham, piece of ham!" There was a real rhythm to it.

My favorite Percy/Michael moment was when you came to visit me in Greensboro, and it had been five long years since you'd seen Percy. As soon as he saw you, though, without missing a beat, he was prostrate on the ground, body wagging, licking your fingers. I cried. I think you spent the rest of the visit feeding him whatever he wanted, and whatever you wanted (of course he wouldn't eat broccoli when *I* tried to feed it to him, but whatever came from Michael's hands was instantly devoured).


And that made me laugh out loud. Yes, I think Percy and I always had the utmost fondness and respect for each other. Moreover, he was truly a member of the family - so hard to remember a time when he wasn't around. D forwarded me a short Percy bio she put together; I hope she'll post it on her site. (Or I'll be happy to put it up here.)

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