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I really didn't miss the point of this whole post, but I'll admit to being sidetracked: aren't our aunt and uncle the cutest aunt and uncle ever?

Michael Fuchs

Yes. xoxo


Just ordered the Manuscript from Amazon! I'm looking forward to it with all the rave reviews - unless it's your mother under various identities :)

Don't forget we are to all meet up for a drink sometime over the next few months!


Your mother's been under my various identities. (Is that the word for it? At any rate, she likes dressing me up.)

Just kidding.

Cheers, J0nz - or, "much obliged", as my people say. 8^)

Muchly looking forward to that drink, and seeing everyone from the Great Day (Dane?) of Liberation in Trafalgar Square . . .

And I never did remember to tell you how often the name alone of your blog makes me laugh out loud at random moments: [cue Jackie Chan villain voice] "Ah! Drunken blogging!" >^o

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