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A small point, but there's no 'Sunday Guardian'. On Sundays it's the Observer! (really had to restrain myself from adding 'Dear boy' to that, in a tone approximating Stephen Fry. I'm getting old).



Yes, but I was far too excited designing my virtual phone - with real (hot) text scrolling action! - to trifle with piddling details like that.

Anyway, I generally read the IoS. ;^)

[Every time I reply to a comment here, by the way, at the end I get to pause and be amazed, completely anew, that I actually just made someone type the word 'scrotum'.]


I guess someone has to read the Sindy...

Didn't realise the phone was, like, interactive [goes off to play with it].
Cool! I sound like an idiot in it though. Laughing at
beards indeed.

Re: scrotum (I did it again. Snigger). Yes, I suspected that there probably wasn't any pressing technical reason for that to be the security word. Off to type it for a third time now. I must be making your day.



"I considered that I'd had to struggle through plenty of discomfort on the C2C. But never, as far as I can recall, at the very beginning of a walking day."


My theory is it just seemed less awful due to the "misery loves company" effect.


Heh. Me-mo-riieess . . .

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