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About three years ago I was in an accident on one of our duel carraigeways in the UK, and I'm so glad it WAS a duel carriageway.

We were going about 60 MPH, and all the traffic slowed down (just congestion), my wife hit the break and we slowed down with the rest, unfortunately two drivers behind us didn't. One swerved to avoid the other, who took the hard shoulder and three or four road signs out at about 70mph then swerved back into the road to hit us from behind.

What happened next was a bit like being a squash ball as we careered one way, then the next, and finally bounced off a car in another lane.

Fortunately my wife was spot on, and basically saved our lives with her driving.

The driver who caused the accident didn't even stop.

If we had been on a two way road, with traffic going in the other direction. GAME OVER.

I have to lay facing my left side when I go to bed now, otherwise I get pins and needles in my back (long term whiplash effect). I also have a constant fear of being in car, that just will not go away.

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