NaNoWriMo Blues
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Stuart Neville

Came here from the Macmillan New Writers blog. That was an illuminating and sobering read, particularly for an aspirant like me.

Thanks for writing this. If you don't mind, I'll link to it from my own blog.


Bravo for telling us that getting published is not the be-all and end-all, and in many ways a huge anti-climax. I felt the same when I got to the end of my novel (after years of grafting).'Is that it, then? Is this what it was all about?'
Thanks for the warning. But guess what? I think I'd like to find out for myself!


Well, don't let me bring anybody down. As another Thom Jones character had it, "With my bad attitude, I could ruin a wet dream." I'm just a depressive grumpy head. And, since people seem to be reading this unbidden diatribe and taking it seriously, allow me also to underscore something I wrote earlier elsewhere (just as I wrote it):

Q: No offence, but doesn't that seem maybe a bit churlish? A little ungrateful maybe?
A: Don't get me wrong – I know how extraordinarily fortunate I am. Approximately 8 billion fiction writers would sodomize their uncles for a deal with a major publishing house. And I am, or at least hope I am, very thankful for it. But it just seems like getting published isn't really the kind of thing that makes you happy.

Go talk to Matt Curran, he'll cheer you up. And good luck.



Not to imply that I took pleasure in your commiseration, but that posting was extremely insightful, at times hysterical, and continually interesting even for us non-writer types. Your topic resonates on a universal level, regardless of trade or interests. I think you're onto something here...



I've got six novels in a box under my desk at home and three that I haven't printed. Six years of writing (since I left uni) all packed up where they will probably stay.

Am I happy that I'm too self-concious to send them to anyone? Yes and no.

No? Because I see you're books on the shelf when I visit goldsboro books and I think, maybe I will, but then I won't.

Yes? well, I finished them didn't I?

The first was the hardest to put down and admit that it was
done. Didn't enjoy that much at all. But then a minute later and I was half-way into page one of the next book, back in stream-roller mode and it was starting all over again.

I don't think I really want anyone else to read them, at least not at the moment. They're mine.

I've read most of the entries in your blog (yes all the way
back - sad I know). Ok not all of them, the 'political view' ones I skip because I prefer to stick my head in the sand when it comes to world events.

Anyway, you seem to jump from elated to grumpy quite a lot.

Smile more and stop whinging.

Your books rock (read both, at least 3 times each)
You're hot (well in you're pictures you are)

Find the happy stuff. It's there, you just keep ignoring it.

Oh and write more blog entries, I've run out.

And shame on you for making me write the word 'scrotum' (twice)


Jessica - Thank you. Seriously. I'll try. Whenever you decide you want to be read, send me your best one and I'll see that my editor reads it.


Ta muchly,

Of course the mention of the words 'Editor' and 'Read' in the same sentence made me push that box a bit further under the desk.


Suit yourself. But know that what you've written here has done more for me than, well, you're likely to know.


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