Bob Barr for President
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Still a Palin fan, I don't buy into this intellectualism crap about her not being ready, she has two qualities Biden doesn't have: common sense and values.

She's a bootstrapper, self-made, the real heart of conservatism. Chris Buckley, Maureen Dowd, some of the liberal Republican late Reagan staffer suck up can't say that.

I can forgive her religion, as I've only seen smears but no facts of her injecting it into policy.

I'm more voting against Obama, who I think is like every book smart/common sense stupid PoliSci guy I met in my first year dorm that say "Socialism can work if done right" than voting for McCain, who I like personally, but has too much of a "I want to be liked by those guys" in him for my liking (environmentalism, some of his immigration things).

Character matters. McCain has it, Palin has it.

Yes, that was a run-on sentence. Blow me.

Bob Barr will get as many electoral votes as I do, I didn't even run.


Nice Bossman, but why haven't you been plugging for Barr and the Party of Principle all along? Betcha didn't know I was a registered Libertarian for years...though have had a falling out with the party platform over the handling of common goods such as healthcare, the environment and education. Oh and not everyone should have unrestricted access to guns--children/adolescents, the psychotic, the mentally impaired, paroled violent offenders, the blind, etc. Seen a bit too much of the end result of guns in America for that to make sense. Common practical sense trumps unfettered principle on these issues for me.

Curious to hear how you think Palin would fit into the Libertarian Party? Clearly she's malleable and loves the guns, but currently her grasp of the Constitution is somewhat imaginary at best; she clearly relishes telling people what is and isn't 'american;' she enjoys a profoundly evangelical worldview which necessitates her judging and imposing fundamentalist restrictions on the behavior of others (esp. homosexuality, abortion). Also as the great giving governor of Alaska, she's demonstrably the most experienced 'wealth-spreading socialist' on the ballot.

I don't think the LP would take her...She's a Republican problem--they built her, they can keep her.

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