Helping Out in Haiti
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The Americans are Coming

I spent all Friday lining up charter aircraft and supplies to send a police assessment team into Port-Au-Prince next week.



That's a really beautiful piece.

The Guardian, by contrast, had a whole long article where they invited American service people and others to 'deny' that they were actually invading Haiti. The headline was 'We're not here to fight, US troops insist'.

Yes - and so insists everyone with half a brain and even a shred of a pretence of being unbiased. Who would think otherwise? Only the Guardian would damn the U.S. with the faint praise that, "Really, they're not invading the country. (We're pretty sure.)" No f*%£ing sh*&, you assclowns. It almost reads like an Onion article.

And congratulations to you, Noel, for getting to pitch in and help.

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