Good Friday Fun Break! - Cutesy Animal Videos
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First, the Christian the lion video always makes me cry. ALWAYS.

Second, the studious guy in the band looks vaguely ethnic and not vaguely hot.

Third, they're trying to convert you, of course they're being nice.

Fourth, that pig is awesome, I'd almost get one, but I'll take the video for now.

Fifth, glad you're going to shows.



I thought he looked precisely ethnic, actually - can we call people that? I don't know - and his name's Sameer Bhattacharya, which I might have mentioned.

And, yeah, he's completely hot.


Lex Wordsmith


i am severely offended by the text-box labels.

Lex Wordsmith


The software failed to post my full comment. after "labels.", i had left-angle, "grin", right-angle.

Here, i'll try it again, with variations:
[grin] {grin}
maybe the software thought that it was an unparsable embedded HTML tag.

i suspect that your grandmother in the States would rather be a postbot than post here.{grin}

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