Vier and Sechs in Munchen
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I remember thinking that the Hofbrauhaus was the best place I'd ever visited. Then again, I was 15 years old, so any drinking establishment would have fit that description back then. It still holds a distinction in that the visit led to my first, but certainly not last, hangover. Not to mention it marked the first time I'd ever swiped a glass from a drinking establishment. Still have it on my bar shelf.

I'm no Justin Bieber, but you may be misleading readers with "Sechs in Munchen". ;>)


Hah! Nice to hear from you, Charlie. I probably would have loved that joint at that age, too - very exciting. At my current age, though, it was just huge and crowded and extremely loud and charmless. Nice memories of yours, though.

The title of the dispatch is a one-person-audience joke, for my sister Erin. She has this fantastic joke that really only works if you're speaking aloud, and also only if the person you tell it to happens to speak German. But, anyway, imagine you're speaking English:

Q: What comes between fear and sex?
A: Fünf

I love that joke. Thanks for chiming in, buddy.

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