Girls of the IDF
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Ah, Michael... you of all people should know/remember that pretty much all "girls" between 18 and 21 are beautiful.

Lovely 500-ish word summary of Israel and Palestine since 1947. Have you thought about a career with Cliff's Notes? :^)


Ha. Thanks on all counts. I've gone around enthusiastically talking about this stuff for years. It's probably overdue that I write something about it (plus it's the least I can do in support).

There's much more - I may do additional bits on the Six Day War, on soaring Israeli cultural/arts/technology/industrial/etc. accomplishments, on the spectacular liberality of Israeli government and society - so much in contrast to the authoritarian regimes on every side of them, that one just gawks in amazement to see so-called liberals choose Israel for vicious attack.

Like women's rights? Like tolerance for gays? Like secularism? Equal justice under the law? An independent judiciary? Multi-ethnic society? Protection of minority rights? Freedom of religion and speech and assembly? Pluralism? There's exactly one place in the Middle East for any of that. (Arabs serve in the Knesset. Palestinians appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court to overturn security measures like checkpoints and walls when they cause undue hardship.) And they've done all of this under fire. It's very, very difficult to imagine any other country in the world achieving such liberality and openness while under such mortal threat. No other country ever has.

Israel is not perfect. But it's doing the best it can (and doing extraordinarily well) under impossible circumstances.

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