"The struggle of Israel is the struggle of the world."
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Jessica - You still out there at all? By any chance?

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Jessica can't come to the keyboard right now. She's got my d....... well, you know the rest.

Good essay. I think I'll throw a bit of red meat out there....

The European liberal left doesn't speak out against Islamic extremism because of one reason only. They're afraid.

They're afraid of the bombs. They're afraid of being targeted by fatwas and death threats. They're afraid of their own powerlessness against the organized death cult that is extreme Islam.

Where were the demonstrations after the Madrid bombings? I'll tell you where, the Spanish left demanded justice for the Iraqis and pulled the Spanish military out of Iraq after toppling the Spanish government. I certainly didn't see any demonstrations calling for the heads of the imams who sent those bombers to Spain and brought down the government. The Moors never took over Madrid so easily.

Where were the pro-war demonstrators after the London bus and tube bombings? I didn't see much, but perhaps they were drowned out by the Israel-out-of-Gaza demonstrations. The UK was savagely attacked- several times- and did nothing. If the IRA had pulled such a stunt, Belfast would be crawling with tanks.

And that's my point. Why are some enemies confrontable, and other enemies "mis-understood"? That's a lame convenient excuse for not confronting the real reason Europe is continually in denial about the war it's fighting. The real reason is that a continent of pacifists is faced with an endless war by those who think pacificim is weakness, not strength. Extreme islam doesn't understand pacafism any more than it understands civil society or democracy. Those concepts are anathema to the practitioners of out-of-context, self serving readings of the holy Koran by the men who want this war. I could probably find similar calls to war and murder in a resturant menu if my agenda led me to do so.

It is always necessary to confront with force those who bring violence and death, and the European left doesn't seem to understand that there can be no accommodation with extremist Islam. There can be no peace with someone who wants you dead simply because you exist. Gandhi fought against tyranny. He was not fighting against murderers. The Jews and indeed all of Western Civilization are fighting against those who would see them dead, not people who want their desert back, or want us to convert, or change our foreign policies. The imams aren’t making a live-and-let-live argument to the rest of the world. It's a calculated, organized war against anyone who does not share their world view. They cannot be responded to in a live-and-let-live manner.


Wow. Powerful stuff.

As Mark Steyn never tires of quoting, Hussein Massawi, former leader of Hezbollah, summed it up very pithily: "We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you."

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