Liberalism Is Back
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Enjoy your workhouses, it's going to take years to wean British society off of the dole without crushing your economy.

Remember, those welfare families spend money in shops. End that system too fast, or without a concurrent alternative stimulus for businesses (such as lowered taxes), and you'll have a remake of the current American crisis where the workers stopped working, then stopped spending, then the businesses that had depended on the American consumer stopped growing and hiring, and more workers got laid off starting the cycle anew.

And your quote from Mill was misplaced. People with nothing, have nothing to loose. That's how revolutions start. People tied to the government for their livelihoods have everything to loose.


Precisely. That's why it was pointed out that what Labour did was basically buy a permanent majority constituency by making sure more than half the people in the country were dependent on the state - either on the dole or as state employees.

But, as Dame Maggie deathlessly noted, "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money to spend."

And it was also pointed out, in the Spectator, with disarming frankness, that what the Tories are doing now is dismantling the permanent Labour majority by weaning millions off of government dependency. Free and independent people will vote in much healthier governments.

Next stop: getting the fuck off of the Brussels Express Service to Hell (aka out of the EU) . . .


You got dual citizenship? Was there an announcement or recognition?


D - I told you this last week in Decatur! (Or I thought I did . . .) I was actually kind of waiting on my passport, so I can post a picture of that under the gleeful heading 'Muahahahaha . . .'

Now that joke's ruined.

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