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Finally, you're on Kindle. ;) But then I've been clicking that "tell the publisher you'd like to read this on Kindle" button since I got my first Kindle 3 years ago (for both titles actually). I just checked, couldn't buy it yet, that's not unusual for new titles. I'll check back again tomorrow. I'll post also post a link on the Kindle board I frequent. :)


Remind me to kick you in the nuts for having that music auto-start when I entered the page.....

Gin Sayers-King

Now that Pandora is on Kindle, you should go on Oprah.


Noel: Oops.
Liz: Thanks! That's awesome of you.
Mom: Love you.

Tim Corrigan

Cool that Pandora's Sisters is now on Kindle - I've actually started reading books on Kindle for iPhone - so convenient!

Like the new comment options as well...

Anonymous Bastard

Cheers, Tim. I still probably should have taken your advice and gone with Wordpress (or more likely Drupal). But it certainly sucks a lot less now. Also fun. I'm actually kind of reminded of the early photographers, who had to be engineers to build the cameras they needed to take the pictures they wanted. I kind of like building the tools I need to do the kind of publishing I to want to do. And of course photography still seems to attract geeks. Never mind the web.


Even works on iPad! But only if I pay attention. That's me just above. (Can't use my own system...)


Hey Michael,

Wishing you many more happy runs in the future. Sounds funny to say that...

I cheated and copied my old review from (where's the love for us Colonials?) and posted it on the .com version. Hope it helps out.

Would love to have another book to read if you feel like taking your emotions and pouring them out again into another project!



Aww! Thank you so much. That is an extremely gracious review, and much appreciated. Sorry I carelessly left out I do remember being extremely touched and gratified and grateful when you initially posted that there.

I do have got another book in hand. I've also got a new agent, who is trying to hustle it (so far without success - it's pretty rough out there). You are very welcome to have it in manuscript form, though, if you like.

And meanwhile, I'm working on a new new book - a sequel to the new book. However, if the new book never does see the light of day (I'm still hopeful, of course - there's nothing else to be), then the new new book is actually going to come into the world as a screenplay. This uncertainty is okay because it's forcing me to spend months and months on developing perfect story structure. I'm finding it hard as hell - versus sort of basically knowing where I'm going at the outset, but then just finding my way through while writing, as I normally do with a novel. The supremely economical screenplay form will not permit this method. And but in any case it's a very useful exercise which I hope will result in, well, a massive bestseller. (Because, at this point, it seems you either write massive bestsellers, or you write for your own amusement - no middle ground. Heigh ho.)

Thank you very much indeed again.


P.S. All best luck with the new(?) venture. Sounds awesome.


Speaking of ebooks. Now that Google has unbundled publishing form publishers, you can publish and print your own straight to Google.

I predict this will do for independant authors and the publishing industry what iTunes did to independant musicians and the music industry. Cut out the Middle man! Power to the Artist!!!

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