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Ok, Black Swan looks awesome. I have to see that.


I haven't bothered to Google this yet, because I keep thinking I'll come up with a good answer on my own...but what on earth are they thinking/meaning with the new 'appropriate audiences' thing? Define an appropriate audience for me in regards to trailers Hollywood. Honestly, sometimes the world is too silly for me.


I've just been slowly twigging to this whole 'red band trailer' notion. Here's the one for Love &c, by the way:

Notice a few differences? We're on the express train to Raunch City!


Yeah I love trailers too

My problem is they're like kids, so full of promise but ultimately, disappointing in living up to it

At least that my parents tell me about kids.


That's not kids in general, Jeff. Your parents just mean you. :^0 ;^)


This one has been getting to me lately:


Thank you for getting the set up, I can always rely on ex-bones for comedic timing...even more than most comedians


I have to admit I get a little misty watching the end of "It's a Wonderful Life". I'm a huge Jimmy Stewart fan, particularly anything he did with Hitchcock, but this film wasn't a favorite of mine until a few years ago when we brought the twins home from the hospital. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed with the thought of keeping these 2 small children alive while trying to give attention to my daughter, wife, work, and the craziness that is the holiday season. I had just finished assembling the cribs when I caught the scene where Jimmy Stewart was completely frustrated with his life, ranting about his house falling apart and the needs of his children. I could definitely relate. But in the end, the movie reminds us to cherish what we have, and that we only get one shot at this.

The only other movie that drives me to tears is "Animal House", specifically the scene where they drop the bar.


"They took the bar! The whole fucking bar!"


Michael - like you, I consider myself a cinephile, and I have seen many, many films, but the best ending of any film might just be "Senator & Mrs. Blutarski" driving into the sunset.

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