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Mr. Huckabloon

It would be the coolest thing ever...if it were real. Sadly, it is not... :-( Very cool nonetheless!

That's the amazing thing about viral marketing videos...they look *just* credible enough to make people think "Yeah, OK - maybe that's possible..."

Interestingly enough, the show Mythbusters has been investigating some of these videos semi-scientifically in recent months. Like this one, for instance:

Turns out they probably did it without CGI, but very likely put a thin plane of plexiglass between the objects on the table and the tablecloth (that's how the Mythbusters guys pulled it off). They broke a *shitload* of dishes trying to do it without the plexiglass - which was pretty damned funny to watch!

Or this one:

Totally busted. They built a *massive* waterslide and tried every possible way of making it work. There's also the little problem of breaking every bone in your body when you land... :-)

And finally, this one:

Which they completely busted because a) you'd need about 20,000 bees to lift a laptop and b) the downforce of the bees wings would be so close to the surface of the laptop that it wouldn't be pushing against the ground to generate lift - it would be pushing on the laptop itself. Thus, keeping it firmly placed on the ground. Basic physics, really.

Turns out it was probably done the old fashioned way - with very fine cables (which is how they did it).


Great additions.

Though I feel compelled to point out that I never thought - and never meant to suggest - this was anything other than a seriously f'ing cool CG illusion.

I'm dumb but I'm not that dumb. ;^)

Mr. Huckabloon

I don't know - maybe I *am* that dumb :-) because I thought, at least for a few seconds, that maybe Bruce Lee was the most bad ass wielder of nunchucks ever (regardless, he may have been). That's the really clever part of these videos - they make you seriously ponder (and often even seriously debate) whether what they're showing is possible. That's their brilliance - they're not so over-the-top that you call immediate bullshit on them (hence all the Mythbusters episodes), but they're far-fetched enough to make you wonder.

I think it's particularly interesting that most of them aren't actually CG illusions. A lot of them are done with what amounts to old-school parlor tricks (i.e. thin wires, pieces of plexiglass, etc.)

Very clever folks, these online viral marketing mavens. We should start a viral marketing agency... ;-)

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