Rich Fuchs
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Jody Fennell

Michael, I am a friend of Debi's, and we haven't had the chance to meet, but I wanted you to know how grateful I am to you for sharing these photos. It is so good to see and remember your dad in his prime - what an awesome life he led, and how glad I am to have known him.

My heart and prayers are with all of you in your loss.


Michael - I'm so sorry. My sincerest condolences for your loss.


Michael: thank you for the photos. A most beautiful tribute.

Kelly Wooten


Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of Rich and the family. He was a very good man and he will be greatly missed. I am grateful that you were able to be here at Christmas to spend some time. Take care and remember that all the wonderful memories and stories will always be close in your heart.
Deb's friend and yours

Jacqui Lewis

I'm so so sorry Michael. What a wonderful photo tribute.
Lots of love


Thank you so much to those who left messages here - and all the people who wrote me directly.

All the support and love are a really beautiful consolation during a terrible and - thanks to you and to family and to memories - also beautiful experience.

As Martin Amis said, love is what will survive of us.

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