The Revolution Rolls
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I can't get on this bandwagon yet.

Democracy just means voting, not rights or rule of law.

If the Muslim Brotherhood is behind or worse yet overtakes the movement?

Freedom's great, but if they choose something not in Western interests, we will look back at it as a time we should have acted but didn't.

Mubarek's a dictator, but he's kept the peace, and has worked in our interests and has been fairly secular. What's that they say? He's a scumbag, but he's our scumbag?

I hope your enthusiasm is rewarded. I'll take my eye of skepticism and my reading of history and maintain a quiet pessimism.


I join Hawkins in the peanut gallery re:the perils of democracy, American interests and regional peace.

Remember it's Arab autocrats (King Hussein and Sadat) who made peace with Israel. And an autocrat in charge can make the necessary unpopular concessions--keeping the world this side of sane--that an elected leader can/will not. King Abdullah in Jordan is a good current example of that. Would we want to see him undermined by the street?

Let's not forget democracy brought Hamas to power. Whoopsie daisy...careful what you wish for. You might get it.


I think those are thoughtful and useful points - and concerns.

But I maintain my idealism here. Free people don't make war on other people. History shows us this.

And our intuition and better selves tell us that when people are free to work for better lives for themselves and their families, they get a lot less interested in being in the war and hate business.

And I'm still pretty certain it's been Western-supported autocracy in the name of 'stability' (oil) that got us into this mess in the Middle East.

I may live to do so, but if Egypt becomes a free society and goes to war against Israel, I'll eat my hat. Ditto Jordan.

Israel could be such a great boon to all the nations and peoples of the region, as the West Bank Palestinians discovered during the post-Oslo periods of peace, commerce, and partnership. See the 3rd-to-last item in the Proclamation of Independence of the State of Israel (last item here).

I can't stop believing that Israel's only long-term hope - for an end to 63 non-stop years of violence and aggression - is the liberation and reclamation of the Arab world.

[One key example: Israel's biggest threat right now (aside from Iranian nuclear weapons) is Hizbullah. Hizbullah is the Iranian foreign legion, Iran's proxy army. Do you think they would stay funded and supported if the Iranian people, the ones who bravely took to the streets in 2009, regained control of their country from the mullahs? Iranians are awesome. The mullahs are A) insane and B) evil. The solution must be in liberating the former from the latter.]

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