Comes The (E-Book) Revolution
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Mazel Tov!!!!!


Hey - congratulations Michael, nice work! I'll add it to the must read reading list.
I've got your other two books to finish on my holiday next week.


Congrats Michael and I think a great move. I already use the Kindle App on my iPhone - I haven't read much on it since I stopped commuting by train but when I was it was great. All the best with the book.


Hope I can say "I was right" in a few months time!


Anything Michael writes I will read. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know he'll get more of my money with selfpub than with the traditional routes. So much so that I'm willing to finally give in to technology and follow his links for e-book reading on my pc.

As always, my best wishes for fantastic success Michael!

The Colonial


If you have an iphone or android phone there is a kindle app on both them that's free. I have a kindle but I think I do more reading on my anrdoid phone :)


iphones? androids? This crazy techno talk belongs in the next Fuchs book. ;)

At least I DO have a cell phone, it's just not good for anything other than placing telephone calls. One day I'll be caught up with technology - just not quite yet.


Then you need to have a word with friends+family and get someone to buy you a kindle!

I must admit I still buy paper books though, but I collect them. The last twenty or so I haven't even broken the backs on them because I read them on my kindle. I've just bought the paperback versions of The Manuscript and Pandora's sisters for my shelf! They are sitting next to the hard back copies... hmm. I'm not doing my street cred a favour here am I?


You maybe be dinging your street cred, but you're sure making me love you (all) to pieces.

I've effused to him personally, but allow me to state publicly: the whole e-book think is owing entirely to Glynn. He wrote and turned me on to Kindle publishing. The next two weeks - as I plunged into an odyssey of e-book learning - totally changed my view of publishing.

And it got my favourite book, finally, its shot. [There are good (read: crap) reasons why no one in the publishing industry ever expressed the slightest interest in this book. Those for another dispatch.]

Thanks, Glynn. You rock.



Your welcome,
I was reading the pdf version and thought of using Calibre to convert it so I could put it on my kindle and a little light bulb switched on *ping* "Why isn't he doing this? He could be making a bit of cash here".
(BTW check Calibre out for ebook conversion if you haven't already)

As for reasons for publishers not being interested - I think from I've read, that they don't much like publishing novellas or short story collections. I presume there is some market reason why they don't seem to sell as well. I wouldn't know.

The new ebook rush is an serious improvement on this, especially for those people like myself who love novellas and short story collections (The biggest part of my book collection are short story collections - I've got some very rare ones) - You only have to poke arround the kindle store for a while and you'll see novellas and collections galore. There are no boundaries now, except what amazon, barnes and noble or smashwords set, and fortunately it looks like their version of the gatekeeper is pretty forgiving.

I'm actually dusting off unpublished novellas that I wrote years ago that never could have been turned into novel length and thinking about doing something with them.

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