The 4-Hour Body In 4 Minutes
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Geoffrey B

His "slow carb diet" is the real thing. I've gone from 209 pounds on January 5 to 187 pounds this morning. Not quite as fast as the 5 pounds per week he has claimed (with support) but definitely faster than I have lost weight before. It's the only diet I've found that really works for me. Plus I enjoy his "day off" concept- one day per week you pig out on whatever you want, even a keg of beer, a jar of Nutella, a pizza, and two dozen Twinkies if that moves you. (Actually that type of day would "move" me but in a different way...)


Ha! Awesome. Thanks for chiming in, Geof. (For some reason I'm not surprised you've read this book . . .)



Read it as well, but I've low carb'd before so I know that tends to work. The problem I had with the "cheat day" thing was twofold.

1) The insane amount of supplements he was putting into his system to keep the food he ate on cheat days from turning into fat

2) It takes days after getting off a low carb diet to get back into fat burning, and I don't think a cheat day every week is conducive, maybe every two weeks

I tend to prefer the "body for life" way of exercise. Then again, gaining weight was never an issue for me.


Sorry bro, too many red flags for me.


I definitely appreciate the spirit of presenting an opposing/sceptical view.

However, both of those critiques are considerably less serious than what they're targeting. The Times piece, which I'd seen before, is a fun read, but essentially an amused/horrified aesthetic criticism. The latter, as it specifically notes at bottom, doesn't even make any verifiable claims.

It would be great to see some science-based debunking of Ferriss' assertions. There's no question that he, and very many of his views, are controversial (perhaps putting it mildly). The interesting question is whether they, and which ones, and to what extent, are factual.

Haters be hatin'. ;^)


I went on the "Stop eating so much you fat bastard" diet last spring. Worked great; I lost 15 lbs.

Seriously though. I just skipped lunch, and took a walk durnig that time instead. It was hard on the stomach the first week, but the calorie reversal at lunchtime soon had it's benefits.

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