We're Back! (Yay!)
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your girlfriend

Currently proof reading the new book...its fabulous!!!!!!
Can you pick up wine and milk (NON-VEGAN) on your way home?


This is pretty much precisely what I intended when I implemented a commenting system here.

Wine and milk it is.


Mazel tov! and Congratulations!

I'd love to see the "V for Vendetta" cover with the story title: "Nice Night For It"

For that matter, the Betty Paige cover would work too! :>



Cheers, Noel. Yeah, BP always wins. I figured I couldn't go wrong with her.

Glynn James

Huge congrats mate! I start reading this weekend.

I'm looking forward to seeing how long you can tolerate working with me :)

I have to get scrivener now...

Don't forget the milk and wine for SheWhoMustBeObeyed.
Go to it.

Can we call the new book "B for Braaiinns" ?
No? Awww! I thought that was good...

Tim Corrigan

Congrats Michael - sounds like you are at a great place with your writing.

Looking forward to the book and love the covers.

And erm.. yeah we must meet up and/or walk somewhere sometime :)


Glynn - I talk to you enough already! But that actually tells the tale so far on how I like working with you. Five stars. Looking forward to more from this author.

Tim - Cheers, mate. Writing place, yeah pretty good. Now I just have to sort the publishing/career/money-making bit! But I think there are more and more interesting possibilities for writers making a living now than there ever have been. We'll see. And it will be great to catch up.

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