Look At This F*&%ing Hipster VERSUS People of Walmart
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Ella Dyer

Oh dear, POW could stand for "prisoners of weird". Typically I read blogs and enjoy thought provoking photos during morning coffee and breakfast. After seeing just a few of these, I have no appetite and fear for the freedom of humanity. Er, thanks for sharing, I think. May need to skip the sequel and shopping at Walmart, such frightening folks.


Thanks for chiming in, Ella. Though sorry to ruin your coffee. 8^(

Funnily enough, and pace this, I've very recently adopted the following tactic (in support of being a decent human being, saving my immortal soul, and not be so pissed off all the time): Now, when I'm walking the streets of London, I endeavour first to see - in the faces of the people I pass - their essential humanity.

This is instead of what I'm normally inclined to see, e.g., an obstacle between me and work/home/soya milk aisle/train platform, or a huge annoyance, or an offence to my sense of style or decency or civil society, &c. &c.

And I find, funnily enough, that when you look at people this way (i.e. regarding them as essentially human, i.e. weak and imperfect and struggling and lovely and perfectible) then it's nearly impossible NOT to smile at them.

Long may this practice of mine last. (Realism, daily life, my generally sour disposition, etc., likely to obtrude...)


Stay the hell out of my Wal-Mart from now on!

Glynn James

Funny you might mention treating people as people rather than an obstacle. I come from a small town and could hardly ever cross the town without talking to someone. Yet, in a city with 8 mil + people, the other people you pass stop being "people" and just become a blurry crowd.
You'd think it should be the other way round. More people = more social interaction.

Here's a test.
I now live in a larger town, and on my way to work I will usually talk/say hello to... (counting in head here) 7 maybe 8 people in my mile and a half walk (same people each day).
How many do you say hi to on your way to work?

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