Tour du Mont Blanc - Day Zero
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Tim Corrigan

Finally! I'd gotten to the point where I couldn't actually remember if this walk was 2011 or 2012... better late than never though and this is so well written you've actually got me on the edge of my seat wondering what happens in the next installment - the subtle hint that not everyone walks the first day (who will it be?), setting up for the story line about problems with carrying too much weight. Oh wait - I was there! Maybe it's good after all that it is so delayed!


Heh! High praise. That's certainly one advantage of the egregious delay: suspense! Though, you know me, I can't even really be said to have properly experienced the trip (never mind really processed it) until I write it up. I hardly know what it was like until I read my own recounting...

I'm mainly posting this to see if I've fixed the deprecated function issue you kindly pointed out with the comments script...


Oh, y'all are so cute. This makes me want to go on a long walk, but think more of a mindful meditation type route. Let me know when you're ready.



Thanks! And: okay! It has been over a year... and there are many fantastic national trails in the UK that I haven't touched - mainly for the reason that they're meditative than ass-smashing...

It had actually occurred to me that it would be fantastic to try and talk Rich onto one of these, or something like it. But the idea occurred to me late in the day, and before I could try to make it happen, it was too late.



Would Rich have said yes? Likely not. Could have taken years of convincing.

What are the best months for hikes?

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