TMB Day 5: Rivendell
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Tim Corrigan

Awesome write up and awesome video!

For the purposes of maintaining foolish pride - I didn't actually ask Alex to get me sticks. He said he was going to get a second set anyway for his partner and offered to get them at that point so I could have use of them. For me the jury is still out on these. They are great to help the knees on jarring descents - but whether they are worth carrying - still not sure.

I will however be including the hat in future trekking kit lists :)


Heh. Amongst the variety of problems with doing the write-up a year-plus later is memory inevitably cocking up a few things. (Actually, who am I kidding, my memory does that five minutes later...) Thanks for correcting the record there.

I very much appreciate the kind words on the video - not least because I'm acutely aware of being not remotely on the same plane with you in travel video editing skills. (Most of it's lack of skill; some of it's not having any more time or energy to learn iMovie - I'm mostly on a Mac lately, believe it or not - any better than that... which I guess amounts to the same thing.)

Next you'll just need to get a hat with side flaps that fold up! So you can look cool like me. 8^)



Thanks for the shot of that cider bottle, and for the excellent reporting. I can now look for that same brand at some point in the future.
That initial climb was absolutely murderous; and some of your photos actually capture just how close to vertical it was.
I do remember very fondly the second half of that day, sliding and climbing down, and of course, Tim's and my final, stupid, run. For 10 minutes, we were just like the insane trailrunners.

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