TMB Day 10: The Last Ascent
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Amazing view and an amazing day. Thanks for writing this up and bringing back the memories...


Yeah, it is a bit of a walk down memory lane at this point! I'm a long way from the days of running out of a dusty one-room net-cafe-shack in Zimbabwe, jumping on the rolling truck after firing off a dispatch in real time...

I am pleased that, sort of, editorially, this last one came out so well, even so long after the fact. The whole "anti-dispatch" notion of just experiencing one segment of the walk camera- and note-book free was a very new, and (to me) somewhat important, experience; and I'm pleased I was able to (ironically, it now occurs to me) capture that so well 18 months later.

Now! - we're to the point of having to make a decision on the Walker's Haute Route for 2014! I still think it would be pretty damned amazing, and a hell of a lot better than not doing something like that... but part of me still wants to find something that's amazing in a more different way...



Haute route 2022!


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