New Book Series: ARISEN
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Heh! I watched Zulu Dawn again just the other day.

I can't wait to meet the "characters" populating the world of the zombies the team encounter along the way.


Does someone (finally) have the balls to give the zombies some guns and tactics? ;P


Heh. Thanks, both.

Noel, the military alphabet slang for the zombies, "Zulus" (like Tangos for terrorists) is one of the more fun conceits of the book. Perhaps coincidentally, I saw Roarke's Drift for the first time a few months ago...

Snitch, smart (and gun-using) zombies have been done. But we're sticking pretty religiously to canon. Else, why did I burn six months of reading and viewing, immersing myself in the genre? One thing that hasn't been done a ton is good, smart writing. (Two notable exceptions: WWZ and The Walking Dead - the television series.)


Michael, this sounds fantastic! Will be purchasing this week.


Abbe - Yay, thank you. 8^) I should warn you it ends with a fairly big cliff hanger, so you might want to wait until closer to when Book Two is out - early September. Then again, we kind of plan to do that with every instalment...


Wow!! I've read through the first three books and I'm currently on the fourth. Great job guys! I appreciate the work you've put into this series and the explosive/action packed entertainment you've wrote for us zombie enthusiasts. It's kind of like The Expendables VS Zombies!!! Lol!!
Ok, my question for you is, will there be a movie?


Thanks, Patrick. Very kind. Whether or not there will be a movie (or miniseries) is out of our hands, but do watch this space... Thanks again for reading, and for the kind words.

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