One Life, Baby
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Marianne Canawell

Greetings! Thank you for the unexpected review: aside from its existence being unexpected, I have to say that if I had to gauge Michael's likely response to my book I would have guessed 'lukewarm' or 'amusingly snarky' so am very much flattered. Thank you for not hating it, and then saying so :)).

As, predictably, I agree on the positive points (I did write the darn thing after all), I'll focus my response here on your improvement points.

First, I completely agree with your small criticism that there could be more different models of income generation than the 5 I provided: that is actually my least favourite chapter in the book so you hit on a fair point! Ended up picking those as the approaches to focus on as a) they really play well to the free range lifestyle and hence are the once I see most free rangers take up and b) they aren't as commonly used or know in detail by people in the conventional career world and c) they are a darn good kick start to think about without your head exploding! I certainly wouldn't want people to close their minds to other options though (all about the possibilities, right?)

*CLARIFICATION* There is one clarification I'd like to make about a slight misconception above: I did NOT quit my job and make an income by teaching others how to do the same! I have a huge problem with people who do this as it's teaching something you know nothing about and well for the reasons you mentioned (also, because I'm not an asshole).

What did I do? When I quit my job I made my income as a consultant (strategic marketing work, which was my background) and also as a regular career coach (eg: cvs, interviews, career change etc) which was fair enough as a) I had a track record of getting just about job I go for and b) had changed career several times (plus had a career coaching qualification).

It was only after a while of this that people kept asking me 'how did you quit your job to work for yourself and that's when I started the FRH blog as a side project - I think I state this in the book but it might not be clear enough.

The thing I do now of showing people how to do it as opposed to just thinking about what they WANT to do with their lives (in the career change sense) was another step that came when I had a ridiculously high number of requests for this from clients. Originally I said 'no way, I'm not going to be one of those people who shows you how to quit your job - it's easy once you know what you want, just do it!' but then I gave in and ran a course once and everything went from there. Turns out I really liked it, people seem to actually want to know about it, we got good results, and the rest is history.

Anyway, just want to be clear that I didn't "manage to quit my job by teaching others to do the same" and would be very sad if that was a message people took away from the book, as I deter my own clients from ever doing something like that ie: teaching people what they really want for themselves.


That small point aside thank you for the thought and detail that went into this post, by far the most comprehensive review yet!


Glynn James

Hmm. Launch parties. They look fun.
Maybe I should have done some of those.
Problem is - I have an issue with the reading in front of people, or public speaking, or being the focus of stuff.

Maybe I just need to be friends with more writers and then I can go to their launch parties.

I know! We could do a belated Arisen launch party, and then you can do the reading and speaking and being looked at, whilst I get drunk...
WIN! :)

(Note - Noticed - You caved to pressure and changed the "are you human?" checking box didn't you?)


I started having random readers (of the books, which cost money, not the blog) turning up in the comments here, and decided it was career-limiting to frighten them instantly away again.

Also the replacement word is reasonably hard to type with a straight face, as well.

We can have a launch party if you want - maybe after the first print editions, so we'll have something to hustle, and to sign.

Now back to work! (For both of us...)



I wanted tu buy her book but I won't buy her book for the following reasons:

1) as far as "had changed career several times (plus had a career coaching qualification)."

a)"(plus had a career coaching qualification)."

I checked her CV on Linkedin and her profile is closed !!

Very strange at least because if you are a marketing expert and your new job is career coaching as a freelance ( book, private coaching sessions, online course, speaking, and so on. ) you have all the interest to show your particular qualification in the field!!

b) "had changed career several times"

In her blog, she doesn't say anything about her age but from her photos anyone can assume that she is under 30, so the above statement is quite unrealistic!!

Apart from that, it's again very strange at least because if you are a marketing expert and your new job is career coaching as a freelance ( book, private coaching sessions, online course, speaking, and so on... ) you have all the interest to show any reader of your blog that you had changed career several times, instead in her blog there isn't anything specific about this matter!

In conclusion and in other words:

1 + 1 = 2 and not 3, 4 or even 10..!!

I wanted to keep on writing other reasons for which I won't buy her book but that's enough!!

Best wishes.


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