Authors Reject Publisher
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Omg, you've sold over 100,000 copies!! That's incredible -- congratulations!! I'm super impressed -- and very happy for you. Hope all is well in the rest of life too! xoxo, Leslie

David Isaak

Hilarious, MSF, and hopefully precedent-setting. I've blasted the link off to a whole squadron of fellow writers.

Keep soldiering on!





Brilliant, Michael! I'm really pleased. Every time a friend succeeds... (where's that quote from). Will be raising a glass (not tonight; I'm middle class and have a work meeting tomorrow morning) but soon. Great stuff!


Ta very much, Leslie, David, d, and Ian.

And it's very nice indeed to hear from all you.



Great news! Too bad for them, but great for y'all! Glad to see your new goal of 1M sold, I'm in line for your next book already.

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