ARISEN, Book Eight - Empire of the Dead
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I love the Arisen series! If I could have, I would have read all novels in one marathon sitting! My question is probably one held by thousands of fans - when can we expect Book Nine? Can't wait!!! Especially since just finishing Genesis - I look forward to new characters meeting the old...........



Thanks very much for the very kind words. I can promise you that I'm focused like a laser beam on Book Nine, and want very much to get it out as soon as humanly possible (consistent with it being as knock-down/drag-out thrilling as the readers of the series emphatically deserve). Hoping for about three months from now. Watch this space!

All best,

Aaron Smith

I'm really enjoying the series on Audible and have shared the paperbacks with a friend in prison. He's just as hooked as I am, but can only receive paper copies of your work. What is taking so long to get the entire series in book format? I would expect at least Genesis would be be done by now. Keep up the good work and kick your publisher in the ass.



Thanks very much for your message. Tickled to think I'm being read in lockdown. Yeah, it is a scandal that Genesis came out three years ago and still doesn't have a paperback edition. For better and worse, my publisher is me, and I've done exactly that - kick myself in the ass. All of Book Nine, Book Ten, and Genesis are well into the paperback production process, and should be rolling out over the next few weeks. As they do, it'll be announced in the usual channels, Facebook ( and email ( plus most likely here on the ole blog. Sorry for the delay! Thanks for being a multi-format consumer, and for spreading the word about the series. Really appreciate it.

All best,

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