Day 7: The Melt-Down Day
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I must admit, I thought for a moment you'd accidentally, somehow, melted part of the mountain upon reading the title...


If anyone is wondering, Michael was extremely charitable to me in his recounting. I believe my comment out near the fifth lake (after the coldest, windiest, saddest crushed soggy lunch of my life) was something along the lines of "I'm not going to do any more f*ing hiking-for-no-reason. I'm done."

And repeating in my head all the way back to Gokyo was this exchange:

D, channeling Cartman of South Park: "Screw you guys; I'm going home."
M: "But this is a once in a lifetime ... come all the way here ... going to miss the ..."
D: "Screw -- home."

Michael did in fact believe I meant was I was bailing on the trip (as he recounted to me later), and my reveal back in the lodge -- that I was totally in to finish the trip but just wasn't going to do any more off-route side hikes that weren't Everest -- cheered him up so much that I then felt guilty for how little accountability there was that I had been Stabby McGrumpypants for about 36 hours at this point.

I still gleefully took the option not to climb Gokyo Ri the next day. Re-read two Discworld novels and a William Gibson instead.

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