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Larry Graves

I could give you the same old cliches you already know such as "it's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many you get up" or "pain/stress builds character", etc, and while they are all true to a certain extent, it boils down to its the worst (or what SEEMS like the worst) times of our lives and what we do about it that truly defines us and allows us to discover our true strength. And prompts us to buy bigger guns!
I'm seriously jonesing for the masterpiece!!! My congratulations to you for the success of the whole series. I hope you are able to unwind in the Caribbean for recharge before you start your next kick ass series. (I, for one, am highly interested in how the Chinese SOF, particularly the Snow Leopards, would have fared...)


Thanks, Larry. 8^) And very well put: "...what we do about it that truly defines us" - I think that's exactly right, and couldn't improve on it. Thanks again for the great support and good wishes.



Congrats, looking forward to the publication date!


Thanks, Jeremy!


Oh, thank God. I have been worried and scared there would be no completion. That I'd be left in the abyss,just as I have been by RR Martin.

Your writing is truly superb, and your character development phenomenal. I've been stuck on ZA books for 5 years now. Sad, but true. I'm a junkie. While there are some excellent writers in the genre, your books, by far, reach a much higher level. It is in the details and the characters. The love between, and for, the characters. I care about them the same way I cared about the heroes and heroines in Stephen King's books, particularly The Stand and It.

I've even turned my friend on to your books, a retired Colonel and the director of our state's VA. She will be very happy you've completed the story, as am I.

Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and incredible writing talent with us all. I hope to read and revel in your stories, whatever they may be, for many years to come.


Wow - thank you for such a lovely comment and very kind words, Lesley. ("I've been stuck on ZA books for 5 years now. Sad, but true." - sounds like my life!) Thanks also for the word-of-mouth support, which keeps me out of honest work and writing full-time - in particular it's my great honour and privilege to have so many serving and retired military personnel for readers. Can't think of too many other field-grade officers, though! Thanks again for the fantastic support.



Congratulations on finishing this book.

Your story is compelling and the characters are very well developed. I can't wait to dig in.


Thanks, Ed!

Alex Decker

Dude this series is by far the most intriguing and amazing I have ever read and I read every post-apocalyptic scenario book I can find. I’m not kidding when I say, this would make a fucking amazing movie series. My life would be complete if you somehow made these into movies. The potential for them is so high and you would need amazing people to do it due to the outstanding descriptions and detail in the books but you could probably pull that off. Thanks for the ride mate! Cheers!

John J

Loved the books. I bought them all and read them in a few weeks. I just couldn’t stop. A favor if you will. do you think you could write(when you’re all rested up) a book sometime in the future about what happens to everyone say 5 yrs later and how the world is getting through the recovery.would be really cool to find out how everyone has adapted since the end. Thanks again!


Thanks, John! Really appreciate it. I get this question/request a great deal (about the "Reconstruction" story, or stories), and I'm afraid the answer is: Nope, sorry. Little could be less interesting (to me, at any rate) than "rebuilding" or normal life after the great quest. (No one cares what Odysseus did in the backyard with Penelope and the whelps five years after his return. For a reason.) I absolutely understand the desire of readers to spend more time with beloved characters. But when the story's over, it's over - and going forward isn't the way forward. But, don't despair, as there's light at the beginning of the tunnel: there are two years worth of stories to tell from the ZA preceding the main story, and all your favourites can make return appearances for new (old) adventures - even the dead!

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