ARISEN, Book Fourteen - ENDGAME
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Major C

Loved the whole series. Just a few things I’m wondering if I missed. Spoilers here so don’t read if you haven’t finished the series!!! Homer’s kids show up with who? Did we ever get this “scared blonde chic’s” name. And I’m a girl and active duty so don’t hate on me for the chic comment? Did I miss Homer and his kids reunion on the roof? And did anyone explain how they are going to get infected runners to North/South America if they’re down to one plane and the infected runners become KIAs in 6 hrs?


Hi, Major C - Thanks! Answers in email. m

Jerry Figueroa

http://in my head

I know this is going to sound strange but you are responsible for saving my life. Okay maybe not 100% responsible. But surely I owe you a great debt. A few years ago I was struggling with depression. I have worked at I'm an insurance company name Geico here in the United States. The game of time and the pressures of my job got to be more than I could handle. Facing my 50s in a dead-end job no possibility of advancement and hanging on because of some Financial calamities. I had $80,000 worth of termite damage and to floods. Along with a bunch of other life-altering things. I had been ready to retire but needed to stay in a place I no longer wanted to be. I know this is long but bear with me. Due to me caring for my mother with dementia I had to take a position which was accompanied by a huge salary cut. I know right about now you saying what the hell does this have to do with me. okay my job was boring so boring in fact that I thought I would try to listen to books while I was at work . Now I hadn't read or listen to a book and more than 30 years but what the hell I gave a try.

And this is where you come in. I stumbled across Your first three Arisen books in a box set and was completely captivated. I couldn't wait to listen to them. RC Bray did an amazing job painting pictures with your words. Your characters or exciting hysterical held superhero qualities. Over the past few years listening to the Arisen series I have come to know these characters laughed with them cried with them mourn with them celebrated with them all the while knowing that I was reading a book about zombies. LOL earlier I said that you help to save my life. There was a time when it got so dark that I could not see all the good in my life and contemplated for quite some time jumping off the planet . There were times when the only thing I looked forward to we're listening to your work and the work of a few authors. RR Haywood and the undead series. Mark tufo and his zombie Fallout and Michael Talbot series. Mountain man I Believe by Keith Blackmore to name a few. I would intermingle these with a bunch of other books. Your writings and the writings of these are the authors helped me keep my sanity as I put my house back together and began to take on the difficult and heartbreaking task of caring for my mother. Amazing that I discovered reading again in my late 40s and now could not imagine my life without listening to one or two books a week.

I know that a zombie book is not exactly the best place to find Salvation. And I would not recommend it. But for me it was the best place to put a troubled mind. It was the best place to go and there was no place else to go. When I reach the end and had to face the sad fact that life, well good, had reached the point where the goal was just to take the next step. I hope this is making sense. Imagine the movie Joe Versus the Volcano when Tom Hanks walks into work that's how I have felt for the better part of nine years. But the days when I knew I was going in to listen to one of your books and some of the others I walked in a little quicker. A little happier. Ironically over these last years my wife and I have gotten our house in order. And can now plan the rest of our days. When my mother goes to whatever comes next a new chapter in my life will start.

Again probably saying too much. But my wife and I have been married for 39 years since she was 16 and I was 18. Just when our youngest son was ready to leave the house is when all this Devastation started. And when I say devastation I mean it you can check out the pictures on Facebook. We even had to deal with my eldest son becoming a heroin addict and committing him to get help. Thank God he is clean now for three years. Okay that's a little too much.

I just wanted you to know how you came along at just the right time in my life. Well that just sounded a little weird. But I hope you get the point. I plan on meeting your other books and Hope you will continue to work with RC Bray. That being said may God bless and keep you and may He keep us all.

PS I don't know if they can make the Arisen series into a movie but it sure as hell would be a lot better than The Walking Dead. You might consider taking these guys back in the time machine. Perhaps during one of their special missions before the zombie apocalypse when Predator Hano Fick and Ally run some other mission. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would buy that book. Take care of yourself. One more thing I was going to write you a letter but I found this site. I hope you get it. I do plan on sending similar notes to some of the other authors that have taken me out of my world and given me hundreds and hundreds of hours of enjoyment. Take care


Jerry - really happy and gratified to hear that the books were able to help you in a tough time, and that you're doing better. Thanks for sharing your story. Wishing you and your family all good things. m

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