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2004.03.11 : Michael Fine
Despite Being In, Erm, Spain

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Subject: Michael Fine - Despite Being In, Erm, Spain
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Apologies for semi-spam, but a) I can't quite seem to get
into my mail-mail-type-mail right now, b) it's the quickest
way to update all the people I need to update (who already
know what country I'm traveling in), and c) it's a semi-
interesting from-somewhat-near-the-scene report.

Long story short: I'm in Spain, but totally fine. I'm
actually not anywhere near Madrid (though, since I neglected
to send out my itinerary before I left, no one knows this),
but rather in Barcelona. Heck, I didn't even know the extent
of the carnage until 10 minutes ago when I stepped into this
net cafe and got the NY Times. Horrid. Though, I (and friends)
have dodged two different solidarity marches in the streets,
including a big one in Placa Catalunya (the main plaza) here.

I do seem to be making a habit of going to the right place
at the wrong time (I was en route to Kenya right before the
bombings in Dec. 02.)

But speaking of the Placa: don't worry about me, I'm
actually in a Catalan region, and their separatists (I'm
assured) are much more easy-going than the Basque guys who
have been accused [wrongfully, it turned out] of doing this
today. (God, I can't bear to put a smilie after that.) Also,
we're not going to Madrid until, oh God, *hours* from now.
It'll be the safest place in Europe by then. (Still can't
type a smilie.)

Anyway, belated itinerary: flew into Barcelona last night,
staying with friends of friends, having a lovely time
(despite regional explosions and mass murder). Leaving for
Madrid Saturday morning. (Erm, the day of national elections
. . .) Then down to Algeciras overnight, ferry to Morocco,
arrive Tangier the 15th. Then overland probably to semi-
remote mountain town of Chaouen for a day or two. Then onto
Fez, also for a day or two. Then meeting Ali in Casablanca on
21st ("Okay, bye, see you in Casablanca" is something
everyone should get to say once in life), spend a day, then
down to Marrakesh. Then we'll be in that vicinity until we
fly back to London on the 31st.

So, if anybody else starts blowing people up, you can map it
against my route and know whether to worry . . . Jeesh,
still no smilies coming. I wish certain people would get
with modernity and humanity and stop slaughtering other
people in the name of a God who palpably doesn't exist and
would be horrified if he did . . .

Nonetheless, love to all.


P.S. Feel free to write, but I'm not sure when I'll get it.
Ironically, I should get calls (on +■■ (■)■■■■ ■■■ ■■■).
First trip of more than a couple of days I've ever taken w/o
a laptop, but I have a mobile that's going to work virtually
every step of the way (another first). . .

P.P.S. Thanks in advance for various admonitions to for
heaven's sake not go to Madrid (harumph, Mom, harumph). But
you know me. If I don't see the Picasso Guernica in the museo
there, the terrorists win. Damn those smilies.

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