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2006.03.16 : My Woodstock
The London March for Free Expression

"The strength and survival of free society and the advance of human knowledge depend on the free exchange of ideas. All ideas are capable of giving offence, and some of the most powerful ideas in human history, such as those of Galileo and Darwin, have given profound religious offence in their time."
                - from the March for Free Expression Statement of Principle

"For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it."
                - Th Jefferson

From: michael stephen fuchs 
To: pretty-much-every-last-person-I-remotely-know-in-London
Subject: London March for Free Expression : 25 March 2006
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 11:40:01 GMT

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Only a few weeks ago, polemicist and post-leftist Christopher
Hitchens, in a piece titled "Stand up for Denmark! Why are we
not defending our ally?", posed the following:

"Denmark - a small democracy, which resisted Hitler bravely
and protected its Jews as well as itself - a country with an
open society, a system of confessional pluralism, and a free
press, has been subjected to a fantastic, incredible,
organized campaign of lies and hatred and violence - which has
attacked its freedom, its trade, its citizens, and its
embassies - extending to one of the gravest imaginable
breaches of international law and civility: the violation of
diplomatic immunity. And nobody in authority can be found to
state the obvious and the necessary - that we stand with the
Danes against this defamation and blackmail and sabotage . . .
I wonder if anyone might feel like joining me in gathering
outside the Danish Embassy in Washington, in a quiet and
composed manner, to affirm some elementary friendship. Those
who like the idea might contact me at
christopher.hitchens@yahoo.com, and those who live in other
cities with Danish consulates might wish to initiate a stand
for decency on their own account."

And so yea verily it soon came to pass:

  "Standing With Denmark"
  "A Rally for Freedom"

And it was followed, with enlivening speed and energy, by
copycat rallies in New York

  "A lovelier group of freedom lovers you will never meet"

and Toronto

  "Toronto Supports Denmark"
  Toronto Supports Denmark [photos]

and Chicago

  "Rally for Denmark and Free Speech"

and San Francisco

  "Denmark Solidarity-Free Speech Rally"

And now it is our turn - the March for Free Expression, in
Trafalgar Square, a week Saturday:

  "London March for Free Expression"

I can't tell you how excited I am about this - an opportunity
to stand up in proud and public support of that most vital of
liberal values - the right to free speech without being
subject to physical violence - and the bedrock upon which a
free, pluralistic, consensual society stands.

So I'm writing respectfully to urge you to consider A)
attending this - side by side with me, along with hundreds or
thousands of other supporters of free speech, liberal values,
and the Danes; B) forward this notice on to everyone you know
in London (and/or blog it); and C) perhaps even throw in a
couple of bob (PayPal link on site) to help defray the cost
of running the rally (it's a complete grassroots effort).

I'm probably going to organise some sort of more intimate
gathering either pre- or post- or both (perhaps a sign-making
party beforehand, come to consider it). Please contact me if
you'll be coming along. I hope you will. Meanwhile, I'm trying
to pick out my t-shirt. Wanna help me decide?

  "Danish Cartoonist"
  "Fear No Fatwa"
  "Muhammed Smiley"
  "Muhammad Stick Guy"
  "Mr. Jefferson Quote"

Hmm, perhaps not this one . . .

  "Mohammed can . . ."

Yours in freedom and solidarity,

                Two million dollars in a black bag.
       The meaning of life on a deviously encrypted web site.
And several dozen heavily armed guys with serious existential issues.
                 The hunt is on for THE MANUSCRIPT.

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