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2007.02.24 : "Bitch, We'll Eat You"
"Because you've got to do something while you're waiting around doing nothing."
- Joeboy Laltrello

These are my slippies. I bought them at Wal-Mart. For US$7.50. Verily, America is the land where you can buy anything, anywhere, at any time, for nothing. I believe it was Katarina who pointed out, at my pre-Wildlife Photographer of the Year Champagne Brunch, that these two have very different personalities. It was definitely Abbe who provided the perfect caption for a different pair of lions: "Bitch, we'll eat you."

This was actually really hard to look at. These over-clever bastards produced their Tube placard advert by photographing the same bit of wall of a Tube carriage where the placard itself would eventually hang. Obviously concluding that wasn't enough of a mindfuck, they photographed that bit of wall – with one of their other bleeding adverts upon it. Escher does Tube adverts. Too self-referential for my brain.

This is Westminster Cathedral. Who knew London had a towering, full-size, completely ornate and pleasingly overdone Italianate Renaissance cathedral, complete with campanile (in the style of the duomos in Florence and Siena)? More evidence, if any were needed, that London has everything. Londoners don't even need Tuscany.

Speaking of self-referentiality, it has been brought to my own attention, by me, that it is actually possible to photograph one's own reflected face upon the reflection of one's own reflected eyeball. M.C., eat your, erm, eye out.

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