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Quantifying What The Palestinians Have Done With Half A Homeland

  • Year Israel Gave Gaza Back To The Palestinians: 2005
  • Number Of Israeli Settlers They Forcibly Removed To Do So: 10,000
  • Number Of Rockets The Gazans Have Launched At Israel Since Then: 4,000
  • Number Of Seconds Residents Of The Israeli Town Of Sderot Have To Seek Shelter After The Sirens Go Off, But Before The Rockets Hit: 16
  • Population Of The Israeli Town Of Ashkelon: 117,000
  • Number Of Rockets Per Day That Fall On Ashkelon: 50
  • Year In Which Hamas (Which Participates In No Peace Process And Is Dedicated To The Destruction Of Israel) Seized Control Of Gaza From Mahmoud Abbas And His Moderate Fatah: 2007
  • Year Since Which Rockets Have Been Bombarding Israel From Gaza: 2005
  • Year Of First Terror Attack Launched By The PLO Against Israel: 1964
  • Year In Which Israel Came Into Possession Of Gaza And The West Bank: 1967
  • Year In Which Israel Imposed A Blockade On Gaza: 2008
  • Number Of Protests From Human Rights Groups And Governments And The UN About "Collective Punishment" Since Then: Countless
  • Number Of Months Israeli Residents Of Sderot Have Been Suffering Ceaseless Aerial Bombardment: 24
  • Number Of Words Of Comfort For Israelis In Sderot From Those Same Human Rights Groups &c.: Precious Few
  • Number Of Israeli Teenaged Seminary Students Gunned Down By A Palestinian In East Jerusalem Last Week: 8
  • Percentage Of Palestinians Who Approved Of This Attack, According To The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research: 84
  • Number Of Celebrants That Poured Into The Streets In The West Bank And Gaza (Dancing And Handing Out Candy To Children): Thousands
  • Number Of Recorded Celebrations In The Israeli Streets Over A Counter-Terrorism Incursion Into Gaza: 0
  • Number Of Terrorist Organisations Iran Supports With Funding, Equipment, Weapons, And Training In Pursuit Of The Destruction Of Israel: At Least 4 (Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade)

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