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2009.01.14 : Happy-Making Happy New Years Videos
    "'Who are you?' Pete said.
    He looked at us, seeming confused and frustrated. 'I'm Lieutenant Commander Jay Jacobson.'
    'What are you doing here?' I said.
    Jacobson went off: 'What am I doing here? I don't have a clue. I go to a hotel. Somebody picks me up. He drops me off on the side of the road. Another guy picks me up. He drives me for four hours and won't tell me a damn thing. Now I'm sitting here on these steps and some big fat guy just came and pissed over my shoulder!'
    The pisser was Charlie Beckwith [founder and initial commander of Delta Force] – just messing with Jacobson to amuse himself."
- LTG (Ret.) William G. "Jerry" Boykin (subsequent commander of Delta Force), Never Surrender

And so you're probably back at work now and probably really have some time to kill. And if you're like me you've probably got a bit of the New Years post-holiday blues and could use a cheer-me-up. And so here are some videos to watch.

The first you've probably already seen – "Where the Hell Is Matt?" was the Number One viral video of 2008. And but then on the other hand, I hadn't see it until very recently – and only then, come to think of it, because I was looking up what were the top viral videos of 2008. So maybe you haven't seen it. It was put together by a guy who got fed up with work and chucked it all and went travelling around the world until his money ran out and along the way filmed himself dancing, incomparably badly, in places all around the globe, frequently with people from all around the globe, and then put it all to music, and the result is, frankly, one of the most strangely affecting and heart-warming things around, and here it is:

And but because this had only been up about .05 seconds before the Tinfoil Hat Brigade began trotting out their conspiracy theories that the whole thing was faked, Matt did a presentation where he debunked himself, but actually serving up a fantastic piss-take of the sceptics – and at the same time, in the last couple of minutes, really nicely underscoring why the whole thing was so lovely in the first place, and here that is:

And he's right: Gaza is burning, and Wall Street is also burning, and we're all unemployed (okay, I'm unemployed, but if the papers are to be believed, then you probably will be soon), and the mullahs are industriously working toward that new and improved second Holocaust and all that . . . but, somehow, if people can dance really badly together, with Matt, in all kinds of places, all over the world, then somehow it just seems like we'll be okay anyway.

Here's a video entitled "My Dogs greeting me after returning from 14 months in Iraq". Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan, who added, "God bless and save all of those defending us abroad. And their dogs waiting for them patiently at home."

Here's a hedgehog eating a carrot – which if watching this doesn't make you smile, you should consider the very real possibility that you are a Cylon:

Here are a few failblog videos that have had me rolling in the aisles recently:

Finally, if, like many, you are celebrating the last days of the Bush administration, you'll appreciate this Evil State of the Union Remix:

Happy New Year and God bless.

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