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Edification Wednesday
Non-Zero – The Logic of Human Destiny
Plus: Man, The Moral Animal
"If you ask me why don't I think it's a good idea to bomb the Japanese, I'd say, 'For one thing, because they built my minivan.'"
- Robert Wright, famously

So I don't say that Edification Wednesday has so far been a runaway smash hit. However, we're just going to bull on through and try it again. Following our theme of reasons for optimism, here's the estimable Robert Wright with 19 outstanding minutes on "non-zero-sumness" – a concept that may explain all of our human accomplishments to date; and which gives us very good reasons to hope that things will continue to get better. (*)

Exercises for the Reader:

Okay, on the left here, you've got the book upon which, obviously, the lecture is based. On the right, you've got his earlier book, which is a seriously dandy and awe-inspiring introduction to evolutionary psychology – better even, and more accessible, than Pinker's How the Mind Works. Taken together, these two books probably have about as much explanatory power for the whole human condition as any other two books outside of Borges' library. They are two of my very favourites, and I very heartily recommend them to anyone who may find himself or herself in the human condition.

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