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With the Egyptians
Protest at the Egyptian Embassy in London
"Wait, don't let the spring, the clearness of the sky and the shine of the morning light fool you…
  Because the darkness, the thunder rumble and the blowing of the wind are coming toward you from the horizon
  Beware because there is a fire underneath the ash"
- Abu al-Qasim al-Shabihas, "To the Tyrants of the World" (chanted in Tahrir Square)

I was privileged to be able to turn out on Saturday to stand with the incredibly brave Egyptian people in their struggle for freedom. It was a wonderful, inspiring day. Video below the pix.

Official Start-of-Demo Photo. The Arabic word there is 'freedom', pronounced <i>Horreyah</i>. The photo is of <a href='#' onclick='showImg(i20110126_badass, 640, 480); return false;'>this complete and utter Egyptian bad-ass</a>. By far the most terrifying banner I saw. Jesus.

I had a great camera-whoring spot up on a gate, and I was up there for awhile (eventually I gave the spot to a pretty girl in a headscarf who looked like she wouldn't mind seeing a bit better), so you can imagine my shock and horror when I didn't find myself or my poster on the front page of anything. I did, though, find this shot including me at the much smaller Wednesday demo.

Here are some better videos than mine. I defy you to listen to this lovely man without your heart breaking – and bursting with pride – for him and his people. This video testament is the best thing of any sort I've seen in a long time.

This is a nicely edited bit that captures the spirit reasonably well. (I even forgive the bloody student cuts protestors for crashing.)

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Freedom for Egypt